Waiting for news 'at home'
By craig - Date: 2001-09-24 13:06:41

Hello to all,

You may be thinking "I don't remember that passenger" (or friend, as that seems to be what you all are now) well, you won't. I'm Craig's wife, one of the many who were connected in a small way to your experience.

Through what Craig has told me and reading the website every day I have built up my picture of you and what you have been through.

Being 'at home' during your unscheduled stopover in Gambo has been a strange sensation going through a whole gamut of emotions. First came the initial shock at what had happened and then relief because of the realisation that UA929 would not have arrived in America but it would be going somewhere, who knew where.

Part of the feelings were the relief that you all were safe, yes I do mean all of you. I may not have known you or met you but you were then connected, through Craig, in this event which was very quickly apparent would effect us all.

The relief, shock and helplessness carried on throughout the week although helped by the small snippets of contact with Craig. There was concern for those with you who sadly may have had closer connections to this event, the communication problems not making this easy.

Knowing how the people of Gambo rallied to make your stay as 'pleasant' as it could be was a comfort. My thanks and best wishes go to them for their help and support.

I hope that, not forgetting the cause of this 'little pause' in your lives, you may look forward positively to the future now whatever it may hold and value the friendships forged.

My best wishes to you all

Jane F


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