Back in Sunny Seattle..........
By craig - Date: 2001-09-20 19:38:33

I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have:

1) Made it back home

2) Experienced that dream-like detour to Newfoundland

Unreal. I have so many memories of those five (six?) days but the one that stands out is the arrival into O'Hare and the people who greeted us with applause and waving flags. Wow. How can we even describe the scene to those who want to hear our story?

The amazing thing for me happened after we got off the plane and went our own ways. I ran into people from flight 929 three times in 24 hours in and around the airport. Kevin from Ireland was in the pub at the Ramada (we were the only ones). The hotel itself was an absolute and complete dump! The Salvation Army in Gambo was a Five Star hotel compared to this Ramada. Huge stains on the rug, TV was broken and the shower got only boiling hot water. After a change to a slightly better room, all I cared about was that soft bed. That was OK.....and I did laugh about it.

I then ran into Monty and Kathy at the Hilton and we had a quick drink and chat. Monty should run for Mayor of Gambo.

Then, as I walked toward my plane for Seattle at the "C" gates of Terminal One, I ran into our entire UA929 crew waiting for their return trip home. They treated me like I was family and tried to coax me onto their plane to London. I thought about it for a minute and then figured I'd been away long enough and should probably get back home. (Can't say I wasn't tempted)

Below is a cut and paste from a comment from one of the residents in Gambo who sent me an e-mail. They were touched by all of you and these words say it all about the mood in Gambo when they woke up the next day:

"So many friendships have been bonded together not only between the passengers but with members of the community as well. As I sit here on this dreary Sunday, our town is very still and quiet as many tears are falling today after learning that those we have grown fond of have left us during the night. It is tears of sadness to see you all go and tears of happiness to know that you all will be finally be reunited with your families."

There is a good script for a movie here. What a story. I can't believe we were in it. I will write later about the funniest moment for me just before we got onto the buses......It involves a Gambo resident who was rather intoxicated. But I'll save that for a later time!

See you at the reunion,


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