Hi From Evanston, IL
By craig - Date: 2002-06-18 04:55:20

[ I received this a couple of weeks ago - but it got buried in my mailbox... sorry Fred! -Craig ] Dear UA Flight 929ers:

I opened up today's Chicago Sun Times - 20020603, page 11 - and was absolutely thrilled (!!) to read about such wonderful, positive goings on that came out of 9/11 in the form of this 929 prime community spirit of energy, light and love!!.....

While I was not on Flight 929 I feel like I'm already a member of your extended community for when the spirit feels good and right and open and wonderful you just have to share and celebrate the same with others.

I firmly believe that the spirit of friendship, fellowship and love that the folks on UA Flight 929 is what this world needs more of, not less!! So I signed up as a registered user on your site. Please forgive me if I violated any established protocol, but I am so excited about the story - the singing, togetherness, fun and laughter you folks shared - that I want to tell more folks about this so we can all share in these wonderful free gifts for we are all connected by these same feelings to want to connect, help, serve and share with one another.

To me, the 929 spirit is what's going to change our world for the better. This is what I chose to support, celebrate and be part of!!

Please thank everyone in your community for sharing this wonderful example of this gift of life, hope, song, community and love!!

Thanks and God Bless.

Frederick Smart
Evanston, IL USA

P.S. I amost feel like showing up to serve drinks, clean up and help in any way I can for this Saturday's upcoming gathering. What a blessing!! Please feel free to post this note on your site. I am a father of three boys, and 929 rings with me for it's 9 days from 920 (9/20) which is when our third son, Andrew, was born, and 9/20 was 9 days from 9/11 which is when his grandmother, Dorothy, was born in 1919. We need more light, more hope and more love in this world. NOT BOMBS, HATE and ANGER. So keep connecting and singing and gathering!!

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