Aer Lingus incident clarification
By jane - Date: 2001-10-28 17:21:08

I am writing to correct the incident on Aer Lingus that appears in Steve's story.

I am sure it is the story he heard, but it is incorrect and does not do justice to the wonderful crew and passengers of Aer Lingus 105, the plane I was on when diverted to Gander.

The crew immediately stopped serving alcohol when we were diverted. There was no fight between passengers.

One passenger, across the aisle and one row ahead of me, acted erratically. The flight attendants kept a close eye on him, and treated him civilly. Eventually an RCMP officer came and escorted him off the plane. The crew did a wonderful job, and I did not have any anxiety during the whole process of being diverted and waiting on the plane.

My fellow passengers, Irish, Irish-American and many others, were wonderful and supportive.

Its wonderful to read the stories on this site and the others of the tremendous experience we all had in Gander.

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