Just visiting
By craig - Date: 2003-04-29 02:49:46


Just wondering if anyone is still alive out there. No one (other than Gerwyn) is answering emails these days, either in the US, UK, Newfoundland, or the rest of the world. It’s more than 2 months since anyone form the flight has posted anything up here.

Had a great trip back to England, with short trips to Wales and France last month (March). A seven hour layover both ways in Toronto was part of the trip. We don’t seem to have contracted SARs during our stay.

It just worked out that we didn’t manage to get to see anyone from the flight this trip for one reason or another. Whatever, it was lovely to be home for a short while and see one of my daughters. The eldest now lives in Melbourne, Australia, working as a nurse. We plan to see her in December, wars and finances permitting.

Anyone got any thoughts they want to share on Iraq? Any ideas why most of the causalities among the Brits are from American ‘friendly’ fire and why no Americans have been shot by the Brits? Was/is it worth it? I have to admit that I swing between thinking yes or no. Probably depends on where the moon is at the time.

Anyway, to anyone still visiting.

Take care, be happy.


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