GTE Airfone Charges show Up
By monty - Date: 2001-10-20 04:52:11

When I finally got through to my wife using the GTE Airfone on the morning of 12 Sept, we spoke for 5 minutes. The charge ?

$180.13. Hmm, I guess I should be glad to see that some US company profited from the events of 11 Sep. Maybe I should view it as helping the US economy. $36/min, wow at that rate I think I should have had more than a phone call.........I called GTE and found that they were charging a satellite connect rate of $10 per for each call attempt that didn't connect. They stated that the phone told me this. I recall it saying the sat rate was $10/min, but not that calls not connected received a connect charge. So you have the spectrum, at one end Gambonians the other GTEvils.

C Wells

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