5 Years!!
By craig - Date: 2006-09-17 12:24:19

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe it's been soooo long. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday then at other times 100 years ago. Do you ever wonder if it's changed people or have we already forgotten? When it first happened I couldn't even imagine how life would ever be the same. How would we react to our families when we got home from Gambo or to the stranger on the street? Would we love more or be more forgiving? Would we be scared of the dark or of strangers?

No, I'm not scared of the dark or of strangers. Yes, I think we all loved eachother more then time started to make people forget.

Do you ever wonder if our flight was the next to go? Perhaps the terrorists got scared and decided UA929 wasn't going to go down. Would we have fought so hard to keep our plane from hitting the White House or some other famous place like that? Yes, when I think back to all of us on UA929 I think we would have.

My husband and I watched a special last night on 9/11 and the fire fighters. It brought back so many memories and made me think about all of you. Where are you now? What are you doing? I hope your all safe and happy.

Think about eachother. In some small way we've touched each others lives and thank God we are all safe. Remember those that aren't...

I miss you all and hope you sleep well tonight. Our U.S. Troops are sacrificing for your freedom and safety. God Bless You All.

Kelly Russell

I carried my pillow around....

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