Roland needs you
By monty - Date: 2002-09-29 15:11:21

Hi folks

Here’s a chance for everyone who didn’t get the letter asking for donations to the new piano to get the same warm fuzzy feeling those of us who did get the letter got by helping out by making a small, (or large) donation

Roland, he of Ugly stick fame, has started another fund raising effort. This time it’s for cables and other peripherals for their electronic stuff.

He’d like all donations sent to him, address and phone number below.

Roland Brown
P.O. BOX134
Gambo NL


As for my account of our trip back on Sept 11. I’m about half way through the story and the pictures are ready to post. I’ve been amazingly busy since getting back, but I am working on it as much as I can.

The movie thing didn’t work out to well. I made the startling discovery that when I wanted to take pictures or movies, I could only work one camera at a time. And my preference is for still pictures.

One piece of advice I offer to anyone making the return trip. If you have to fly Air Canada, walk or swim, it’ll be quicker and less traumatic.

Take care, be happy


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