Back home ... at last
By craig - Date: 2001-09-20 23:01:10

As I had no checked-in baggage I was one of the first to reach United service desks. With some delay, they managed to arrange the required flight (destination had changed from Houston/Miami to Vancouver). As my connecting flight to Vancouver was the next day, I had some time to hang around at United Airlines counters. As far as I could determine it seemed that eventually everyone was taken care off satisfactory. Even though not everyone was on their manifest (now, how can that be possible?) including myself. But with connecting flights (including hotel and meal vouchers if necessary) and upgrades United did their best.

However, one of the things that surprised me ( an auditor you keep looking for flaws...) was that they managed to lose items "confiscated" at Gander airport. I know Julian and myself lost some stuff, and maybe there is a pattern here (I was in the right lane when they searched my hand luggage at Gander). Did anyone else have the same experience?

Monday morning I talked to Rajeev and Saghan. They both were to fly to New Delhi, India that day, crossing Afganistan airspace. I hope they didn't experience another delay as the Afganistan airspace was closed a few hours later.

Anyway, after meeting and talking with a number of fellow passengers, or better said: new friends, I proceeded my trip to Vancouver on Monday. On Tuesday evening I flew to Toronto. And today, Thursday, I finally arrived on Duth soil again. And that feels good.

To make a long story short: I'm back home again.

I have made some video recordings during our stay in Gambo. I will try to convert them to .mov .mpeg or .avi format soon. And if the webmaster allows, I will also post them.

So much more to share and ask... once you start writing there is almost no I guess I'll be back here frequently! Hope this place will help us to keep in touch!

See you all soon. Take care!!


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