See you in 2002
By jane - Date: 2002-01-01 03:46:42

Hi people

Just wanted to say that I’m really glad to see the back of this year.

What with one thing and another this year hasn’t been the best of my life. BUT, I do have one high spot to look back on. Not withstanding the awful reason for it, I am so grateful and privileged to have been able to spend time with all of you in Gambo. The Sally Army folk, the passengers and crew of UA929, the Newfies. Thank you all such wonderful friendship, such a positive attitude, such stoicism, such good memories.

And of course Craig and his long suffering wife for all the work they put in to keep this place up and running.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and with a bit of luck and a following wind, I’ll see a few of you in 2002.


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