Julian writes...
By craig - Date: 2001-09-19 23:27:19

Hi everyone! Just a quickie from me...I arrived back at Heathrow Sunday morning and after a pleasant hour with United's baggage guys trying to locate my Swiss Army knife that never made it to Chicago, I joined my car parked in London and drove the three and a half hours to home - a hazardous affair (Asleep At The Wheel were always one of my favourite bands!)

Spent most of Sunday phoning New Yorkers and others that I couldn't reach from Gambo. Needless to say that was an experience I wouldn't have missed for the world - truly amazing how we all come through in a crisis. Big thanks to all passengers, crew and "Newfies" for being so wonderful to each other.

A number of people asked about CDs etc. and my website Guestbook has chosen this week to throw a wobbly (I'm told that the huge increase in Internet traffic is causing lots of strange problems). Anyway if that takes a while to fix, anyone who wants to can e-mail me direct at home and I can put you in touch with the mail order company for CDs. They are listed on the website and cost £12.00 plus postage anywhere in the world. You can see the CDs on the site.

So, my address is - I'd love to hear from anyone who feels like writing. It's hard to come back to reality after such an intense emotional explosion. Getting there slowly!

Love and peace to all, JD

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