By monty - Date: 2001-11-16 16:32:44

My name is Sarah Roberts. I live near Heathrow and I love America, having been there many times. On Sep 10 my friend, Liz Robinson who was on your flight, came to supper with us.

I have known Liz for nearly 30 years and only a few months ago, my son Daniel (16) and I stayed with Liz in Indianapolis. It was wonderful to see her again. I emailed her several times, but I have just received a reply from her plus the info about your website Since then I have read many of the accounts about your time in Gambo. The dishwasher is waiting to be loaded, the laundry is waiting to be washed, but I have been absolutely fascinated by all I have read and I just wanted you all to know how amazing I thought all your accounts were and I couldn't stop reading about that fateful day.
Three years ago My daughter and I visited New York in December and I can picture now the Salvation Army people collecting outside Macy's. Next time I shall remember all that you have said about their kindness.
I have never liked flying and I even once went on a BA 'Fear of Flying' course, but you cannot see the world without flying and My husband and I are looking forward to visiting New York in Feb 2002. We already have our tickets booked for the Met and we have no intention of changing our plans. Good luck to you all and thank you for sharing your experiences with us all..

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