Update on Julian's Progress
By craig - Date: 2001-10-25 19:20:40

I spoke to Julian yesterday. He sounded really well. He had a bit of a setback last weekend, in that his surgery wound became badly infected, but with a couple of rounds of anti-biotics it's now got it licked, and Julian is far more comfortable.
He has also had the results of the tests which were done at the time of surgery - they show that his lymph nodes are clear of any trace of cancer, which is excellent news.
He starts precautionary radiotherapy early next month just to make sure everything is ok, and he is keeping active with all the physiotherapy excercises they've given him to do.
He is already planning on gigging again soon and is now clearing his backlog of email, snail mail and all those things which mount up when you take time out!!
Julian said that everyone's been wonderful, and really supportive, and he sends everyone thanks for all their best wishes - and he's looking forward to getting time to come online again... and is still desperate to record Waiting for a Plane for us, despite me urging him to take it easy!!

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