Home Sweet Home
By craig - Date: 2001-09-23 21:21:43

Hi 929, sorry I'm late getting on to the system but Anne & I ( treasurer) and Linda would just like to say a great big thank you to one & all for making our time together such a memorable one.

We made more friends on this mystery tour than the one we should have been on...

Met a similar strandee in my home town yesterday who was stuck in Florida, they were traveling with Air Tours who put them up in a five star hotel and had $20 a day vouchers. This may seem odd, but to experience the wonderful hospitality of the Salvation Army and the friendship of the community I feel a better person for it. There is some kindness in the world after all.

Would like to say thanks to Julian for the music, really enjoyed listening, how about that H'ugley stick!!!

I'm off overseas again this Tuesday to Denmark, going by ferry this time on the basis that if something goes wrong I can swin further than I can fly!!

Best wishes to you all

Ray & Anne Gibson

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