Motion Picture Filmed In Newfoundland
By craig - Date: 2001-12-04 11:56:22

I hope it is ok for those who maintain this site, that I share this information with the people who frequent here.

It is not related to the Sept. 11/01 grounding of flights incident but it may be of interest to those who would like to see a little more of Newfoundland, albeit in a motion picture format.

I am posting to inform anyone who may be interested that the motion picture “Shipping News” which was filmed in Newfoundland, will be released soon (limited release December 25/01 & wide release January4/02). This motion picture, a drama, is based on the Pulitzer-prize winning novel by Annie Prolux.

The “Shipping News” is directed by lasse Halstroom, with cast members Kevin spacey, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, Dame Judi Dench, Scott Glenn, Rhys Ifans, Pete Postlethwaite, Jason Behr, Katherine moennig and Newfoundland born actor Gordon Pinsent.

This picture was filmed in the vicinity of historic Trinity in Newfoundland. If you wish to read the review and view the trailer, you can check out the following site. ( ).

You never know, maybe someone will do a film on the stranded passengers in Newfoundland experience.

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