Back in San Diego
By craig - Date: 2001-09-21 15:09:41

Hi guys,

We arrived back on Sunday night. Kelly and Ann were also on our flight - it was great to still have a Gambo connection, albeit small.

Like everyone else, our lives seem to be taking a while to return to some normalcy - and although I've been to the website each day since our return, today, Friday, is the first time that I've actually put some words down.

When we were first told on Saturday that our flight might be going sometime that day - like everyone else we packed up all the blankets beds etc. However, since Theresa had given Iain and I her own home made blankets, I put them in her office so they wouldn't be mixed up wih all the others. Later that morning she came to me holding one of the blankets, still neatly folded and gave it to me to take home. I can't tell you how much this meant to me and I've been snuggling under it ever since!!

I would really like to thank so many of you (too many to name) for all your support during those days that Iain and I were experiencing our own personal crisis. Our son, Hamish, is returning to San Diego today - with all his limbs intact!!! He has recovered well apparently, will just require a little more R and R.

Just a funny little thing to add before I sign off. When we finally arrived home late Sunday night, Iain and I sat down, took off the shoes-and sank into the lounge. Naturally, our animals were excited to see us after our extended holiday, but I tell you, when the dog took one sniff of my socks, he was in heaven!!!!!! YUK!!!

None of us will ever be the same after the tragedy in our world, but we, the Gambo Strandees, were so fortunate to be landed in such an incredible community. Thankyou to all our Gambo friends and thankyou to UA 929, passengers and crew, for adding such a positive new dimension in our lives.

Julia and Iain Campbell

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