It's me Janice, the one who made the announcements:
By craig - Date: 2001-09-21 06:14:52

How is everyone doing? We miss you all very much. Many wonderful friends have been made during your stay here. It was quite an extraordinary week but it was a fun week also. After all, just think about the entertainment that we had, Julian and the boys! I guess he will have a second band to fall back on in his retirement years. Ha! One of the most amazing happenings of the week to me was the fact that everyone came together in unison and strength, especially the short lived administration from the 929 team. I tip my hat to all of you guys. What a tremendous effort and cooperation!! Do you all agree?

Anyway, I wrote a poem about the tragedy and I wanted to share it with you dear friends:

Where Was God in All This?

What was on God's mind as He watched from above?
What went through His mind as the people scurried?
Where was He when the thousands entered the towers for work?
Where was He when the frantic cell phone calls were made?

Could he have stopped the terrorists from such destruction?
Could He have frozen time before anyone entered the buildings?
Could He have prevented the heartache that the families are now suffering?
Could He have walked in the midst of the rescuers?

If God is above us, why did all the airliners come down?
Why was the whole world placed in fear?
Why did the world cancel all activities?
Why was the world caused to question?

Maybe God has a plan for all mankind
Maybe God will turn the evil into something good
Maybe people will be drawn to the loving Father
Maybe God desires to lavish his love upon the hurting

Certainly, God was there in the midst of the conversations
Certainly, God was ready to take His loved ones home
Certainly, God knew the plans of the evil men
Certainly, the vengeance belongs to Him

Most assuredly, God will put an end to the destructive plots
Most assuredly, God will never leave us or forsake us
Most assuredly, God feels the hurt, pain and anger
Most assuredly, those who trust in Him will live with Him in heaven

It is written: "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God!"

To whom else shall we go?

Written by:
Janice Keats
Gambo, Nf. Canada

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