Going back
By monty - Date: 2002-08-20 15:11:38

Hi folks, it's Bob, the Brit with a beard and a camera.

I’m going/coming back. On Sept 11th my wife, daughter and I will be flying to Gander, arriving 12.06am Sept 12th. We’ll be coming home on the 16th. Just like last year, only this time, voluntarily. I have to say that last years trip was much more direct. This year we leave US and go to Toronto, to Halifax, to Deer park and finally Gander. Just over 14 hours in all. And the only airline going on that date is Air Canada. It would be really good if any other 929er is going to be there then.

I always intended to take my wife to meet the people who looked after us so well. It just seems to be the right thing to do and the right time/date to “spit in the eye of the brain washed turban tops” who think they can frighten us into not doing something.

I’ll be keeping notes and, of course, taking loads of pictures which I’ll post as soon as I can after we get back. I’ve bought a camcorder and will try and emulate Monty with a few movies. He and Craig may have to tell me how to upload them though.

I have decided to forgo all the fun of sleeping on pews or in the nursery, instead my wife and I are going to suffer in a proper bed in a Gander hotel. Think she just wants to make sure that this time when I’m in Newfoundland, the only woman I sleep with is her :-).

Although this trip is mainly to see our wonderful friends in Gambo, this time I intend to have a through look round more of the place. Just hope the weather is as kind as it was last year. As long as we don’t get stuck on the plane for more than 20 hours with no air conditioning that is.

Anyway, I’ll “see”, you all when we get back.

Take care, be happy. Don’t, “not do something”, on Sept 11th.


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