I'm here
By craig - Date: 2002-09-15 11:02:52

Hi everyone.

Found a computer at our hotel.

Just wanted to tell you I've got enough pictures and stuff to write about that I may well build another site to house it all. It's Sunday and we're getting ready to go to the Sally Army morning service.

I passed on all your messages and the folk here are just as we all remember them, wonderful.

Just a quick snipit from our trip. We arrived Gander, just like last time, with no clean clothes. The reason this time was the two planes that broke down on the way and the rain. Our luggage got soaked in Halifax and Deer Lake changing planes. Mind you, my wife and daughter thought it was a great excuse to go on a shopping spree for new clothes. Once we'd recovered from an 18 hour journey.

See you soon

Take care, be happy


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