What is Everyone's Plans for This 11 September?
By monty - Date: 2002-07-13 15:02:36

Things seem to be slowing down a bit on the website. Thought I would promote some activity by seeing how others are planning to spend 11 September this year.

I have been thinking about it alot lately and have pretty much decided to take off work and just stay home! I wanted so bad to get home that day, just seems right to spend the day here. (Plus would be too expensive to fly to Gander.)

And I plan to visit the website that day as well. I've had thoughts about our crew too. Will any of them have to fly that day? Would be an emotional day to be in the air. I've done alot of traveling since then and it just seems so mundane. People don't really talk, crews are all business (as they are supposed to be; and not to say our crew was not all business; they were as professional as any team I've experienced, they just had great compassion and concern), and after the Gambo Salvation Army "Hilton" - hotels are just "boring".

Oh well, thought this might spark some conversation.


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