JD Concert in Chicago
By craig - Date: 2003-02-05 04:58:20

Hi folks
Dan asked me to post this about Julians upcoming concert in Chicago.
Take care, be happy.


Dear Dan and family,

I'm jumping on a plane from Heathrow tomorrow, Sunday (with AA this time) but the same route as 9/11 - via Chicago to Nashville.

All prayers for safe arrival gratefully accepted!

I'm back in Chicago on Feb. 12th. for a house concert organised by Peter Zeldow (312 642 7097) (who attended our show last Summer) which I hope you already know about. Any 929ers you can inform would be fab and I hope I'll get to see you all!

How is everyone? I think of you all often and hope to catch up on 2/12

Love for now, JD

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