By craig - Date: 2003-05-04 09:41:45

Hey All:

Without being offensive to some I was just wondering if this site has become a fundraising site for our Gambo folks? Yes, I am from and do live in Gambo but I am really appaulled by the requests that have come to this site in last year asking for donations. I feel that it is degrading, you all don't owe us anything, it was due to unfortunate circumstances that you all were here. Your visit to our town has been well paid for by the many memories and friendships that have been created. I was one of the fortunate ones that have been blessed by such. If this happened tomorrow to some other people we would do the same thing, even if it was all of you again, we would welcome anyone with open arms, not expecting anything in return, so please Newfies don't use this site as a means to aquire monetery gifts for things that your organization needs. From my understanding this site was established to keep in touch, not requesting donations.


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