By monty - Date: 2001-12-25 17:34:18

Monty writes: Hi 929'rs,

First of all: I hope you all have a merry christmas followed by a happy and safe 2002.

This last week I had the honour to spend some time with David "the Bandmaster" Pritchett and his family. David and his mother will spend Christmas at David's sister in Antwerp, Belgium (for US readers: one hour flight south east from London). We spent some time in Rotterdam, Netherlands (for US readers: one hour flight east from London)and at my house.

I can tell you that it was great to see David (and family) again and we talked a lot about returning to Gambo one day for a holiday(hopefully we will be allowed to take our luggage off the plane...)

I will post a few pictures within a few days!

Since our time in Gambo I have met with a number of fellow passengers and now even with Gambonians (?), everytime we had a great time together. It proves once again how something bad can result in something good...

Take care,


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