Thanksgiving for the Salvation Army of Gambo
By jane - Date: 2001-11-20 19:36:41

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I wanted to thank all of you there at the Gambo Salvation Army for the care and hospitality you gave to me (and the 190+ other "plane people" from UA929) when I needed it most.

You showed me that there is true good and concern in people, anywhere your life's journey takes you no matter what the circumstances. God meant for us all to be taken your wonderful facility that week and meant for us all to touch one another's hearts in the face of the tragedy around us.

I have told so many of your warmth, kindness and friendship. It is so hard to believe that you could develop such a bond with people in only a few days. The world will remember Newfoundlanders for the kindness and concern they exhibited to people from many places and beliefs. Those of us from UA929 know that the peace and comfort we received came from the example of Christ you all showed us. (You even re-enacted the "Feeding of the 5000" a few times!)

God bless you and know that you will be included in the prayer of Thanksgiving at my home this year and for years to come!

Debbie True

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