New Found Friends - A Poem
By Jane - Date: 2001-11-11 22:31:25

New Found Friends

by Lester Green

September 11, Manhattan skies turned grey,
People in shock not knowing what to say.
World Trade Centres tumbling down; Washington, gaping hole in the Pentagon;
Pennsylvania, plane crashes to the ground.
A declaration of war on U.S. land.
Terrorism has arrived, suspect Osama Bin Laden.

Shock and disbelief according to the news.
Our little town of Gambo seemed far removed.
Listening to the news, surfing the net,
A love one, a neighbour or someone we met.
Were they near the World Trade Centre that devastating day?
Is there something we can do or something we can say?

Unknown to us, the Master's plan.
International flights re-routed to Newfoundland.
Within 24 hours passengers arrive looking for rest.
A meal at the Lion's, and now the big test.
Send them to the School, Churchs, and Town's firehall,
Guest from many nations, a total of 900 in all.

Next challenge, entertaining our guest,
Newfoundland's hospitality would be the best.
Our community became an international town.
Streets, bank, and stores filled with new friends we found.
Sight seeing tours, clothing, and souvenirs.
International travellers, could be seen everywhere.

Different languages spoken, many questions asked.
Language barriers, now that would be a task.
But no, to our amazement translators abound.
Our school's PA system rang with languages all around.
Announcements in English, French which was new,
German was heard, Spanish and Italian just to name a few.

Our guest were to stay just one night.
As time unfolded, there would be no flights.
Aircraft grounded in Canada and United States.
Our travellers remained until air travel was safe.
Late Saturday night the news came by phone.
Flights were cleared, passengers would go home.

A Peruvian lady was hosted in our home.
Three months pregnant and travelling alone.
We opened our hearts like any Newfoundlander would do.
Explaining about our country and her about Peru.
Good news Saturday night, flight 063 could go.
We waved good-bye to a special friend Isabel Vivanco.

We hope we have reached their hearts and shown
That kindness and humanity are still known.
Happy to be back home with family and friends.
The world now knows tragedies are not the end.
Our Province, NEW FOUND LAND, feels a little alone
Our NEW FOUND FRIENDS have all gone home.

by Lester Green, Gambo, Newfoundland, Canada

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