Hello from Natasha!
By craig - Date: 2001-09-23 21:19:54

Well, hello to all my very dear passengers of #929! I am so excited to be connected with everyone through this website!

The crew finally got home on Tuesday back to London and then I flew home to Los Angeles to be with my family and friends! I was so excited to get to a computer and pull up the website and show my family everyone and what all of ya'll were about!

I must state now that the experience with ya'll was incredible and when or if I ever go back to work, I will always remember everyone! I am very junior with the company so when the layoffs actually start, I will be one of the first to go

I am very sad about this because I have much pride and love for my job as all ya'll saw and it might be taken away for me just because I have only been with United for 18 months! But what will be will be and I will have to move on and go job hunting! Oh My!!!!!!

Well, I heard that most of y'all got out on Sunday and were treated great from United Airlines! I am so happy for all and whether I have my job or not, please fly United Airlines again and remember your new friends and the crew that loves all of you very much!

I know that flights will never be the same again with y'alls experience, but maybe one day I will run into someone in the friendly skies! Please keep in touch and anyone have any jobs avaiable for me :)????

Love to all, Natasha (Purser #929) :):)

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