Back in San Diego
By craig - Date: 2001-09-21 17:08:00

Hi guys,

We arrived back home late on Sunday night.Iain and I took off our shoes,(the dog ran away with my oh so stinky socks and was in heaven!!) sank in to the lounge and pretty well sat there comatose for quite some time.It's hard to absorb all that has happened in all of our lives.

But through this ghastly tragedy in our world, we, the Gambo Strandees, have come out stonger and probably better human beings. Thankyou to all of our wonderful Gambo friends and thankyou to the passengers and crew of UA 929. You have added such a positive dimension to our lives.

Thanks also to so many (too many to name) of you you who were so supportive during our own personal crisis. I'm very pleased to tell you that our son, Hamish,is returning to San Diego today.. He has recovered well-he didn't have to have his foot amputated- the antibiotics he received in Australia did the trick!!

I look forward to keeping in touch with you all.

Very fond regards,

Julia and Iain Campbell

PS Kelly-I hope all is going well with the babes-call us if you need anything while you're in San Diego.

Also-I want to know how Eileen's(???) Mum is doing. Does anyone know??

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