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Where are we all now??
Contributed by Kelly on: Monday 17 April @ 09:08:31
Day by dayHi Everyone,

I know it's been ages but I thought I'd write to say I've thought of everyone often and looking back at the UK Reunion I started to miss my UA929 friends as well as the crew. What is everyone doing?

Doug and I have moved back to the U.S. He is flying SAR - Search and Rescue helicopters for the U.S. Navy and is the Executive Officer of NAS Fallon in Nevada. For those who don't know anything about NAS Fallon, which is pretty much everyone, this is where our American Gov't trains their fighter pilots. We are out in the middle of the desert which is quite a change from London that's for sure.

My 18 year old stepson will graduate from High School in June. Vance our 3 year old, who I was very pregnant with at the UK Reunion is keeping me busy as ever. We have a 1 year old named Rome and if you can believe it another on the way. A baby girl should be born on July 5th. Needless to say I haven't had much time to do anything else with all these children to raise.

Isn't life amazing. When I was on UA929 I was on my way to the U.S. for infertility treatments and three years later I'm ready to have my 3rd child naturally. God is good and must have been watching over all of us. Then again our Captain and Crew where certainly at his right hand.

Hope all is well with everyone. Deb True - how are you? Haven't heard from you in ages and think of you often but can't find your e-mail address. Eileen C. - my surrogate mother missing your smile. Amy - I'm sure your busy as ever - I'll try to be better about e-mailing. Gerwyn Burt - never had time for a visit to Wales. Sorry we missed eachother before I moved would have loved to share a beer. Natasha - are you still with United? Monty - I'm sure your busy as always.

Anyway, I've got children to feed.

Love to hear from you. Take care,

Kelly Russell - had my pillow with me

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Re: Where are we all now?? (Score 1)
by: Monty on: Sunday 21 May @ 17:17:14
(User Info)
Dear Kelly

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