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Topics > Day by day
This section of the site allows people to collect and discuss their memories of the 6 days we were together. Hopefully this will grow into a kind of collective journal for the week.

5 Years!!
Posted on: 2006-09-17 12:24:19 (read: 1341 times)
Day by daykelly writes: "Hi Everyone,

I can't believe it's been soooo long. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday then at other times 100 years ago. Do you ever wonder if it's changed people or have we already forgotten? When it first happened I couldn't even imagine how life would ever be the same. How would we react to our families when we got home from Gambo or to the stranger on the street? Would we love more or be more forgiving? Would we be scared of the dark or of strangers?

No, I'm not scared of the dark or of strangers. Yes, I think we all loved eachother more then time started to make people forget.

Do you ever wonder if our flight was the next to go? Perhaps the terrorists got scared and decided UA929 wasn't going to go down. Would we have fought so hard to keep our plane from hitting the White House or some other famous place like that? Yes, when I think back to all of us on UA929 I think we would have.

My husband and I watched a special last night on 9/11 and the fire fighters. It brought back so many memories and made me think about all of you. Where are you now? What are you doing? I hope your all safe and happy.

Think about eachother. In some small way we've touched each others lives and thank God we are all safe. Remember those that aren't...

I miss you all and hope you sleep well tonight. Our U.S. Troops are sacrificing for your freedom and safety. God Bless You All.

Kelly Russell

I carried my pillow around...."

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Where are we all now??
Posted on: 2006-04-17 09:08:31 (read: 10489 times)
Day by dayKelly writes: "Hi Everyone,

I know it's been ages but I thought I'd write to say I've thought of everyone often and looking back at the UK Reunion I started to miss my UA929 friends as well as the crew. What is everyone doing?

Doug and I have moved back to the U.S. He is flying SAR - Search and Rescue helicopters for the U.S. Navy and is the Executive Officer of NAS Fallon in Nevada. For those who don't know anything about NAS Fallon, which is pretty much everyone, this is where our American Gov't trains their fighter pilots. We are out in the middle of the desert which is quite a change from London that's for sure.

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4 years and counting
Posted on: 2005-09-12 03:04:14 (read: 1487 times)
Day by dayAnonymous writes: "Hi all

Glad you're still here Monty. And thanks to Craig for the site.

Hope anyone still visiting is OK. Still think of all of you often.

Take care, be happy


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The Best of Neighbors
Posted on: 2004-09-12 02:41:25 (read: 1242 times)
Day by dayAnonymous writes: "As a resident of the State of Michigan, I've always known Canada as the best of neighbors. The stories surrounding Sept. 11, 2001, only confirm that fact.

Thank you, all of you, for making these sites and sharing these stories. Kindness and compassion are the best things in the world - and the most powerful.

On this difficult anniversary, I'm glad I ended up here. A place where the best of humanity is celebrated, as it should be."

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Bob's pics and Hildegard's pics published
Posted on: 2001-11-15 19:20:11 (read: 804 times)
Day by dayBob sent me another batch of his pictures from Gambo a couple of weeks back and Hildegarde also sent me some photos. Both of these sets have now been added to the gallery - sorry for the delay in posting them!


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To the kind lady...
Posted on: 2001-11-05 21:30:48 (read: 660 times)
Day by dayAnonymous writes: "To the kind lady who placed a small Bible in my hand when we left Gambo.

I was so deeply touched by your gift and I wanted you to know that I carry it with me still and I will treasure it always. Thank You!


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Aer Lingus incident clarification
Posted on: 2001-10-28 17:21:08 (read: 1061 times)
Day by dayholly writes: "I am writing to correct the incident on Aer Lingus that appears in Steve's story.

I am sure it is the story he heard, but it is incorrect and does not do justice to the wonderful crew and passengers of Aer Lingus 105, the plane I was on when diverted to Gander."

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Waitin' for a Train
Posted on: 2001-10-22 18:10:54 (read: 668 times)
Day by dayMonty sent me this recording of Jimmy Rogers singing Waitin' for a Train, and at the risk of infringing any copyright on it, I'm posting it here as a get well wish for Julian.

Get well soon, Julian! From all of us...


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Gander Mayor Radio Interview
Posted on: 2001-10-15 17:32:43 (read: 625 times)
Day by dayI just discovered this radio interview with Claud Elliot, Mayor of Gander, on the net. It was recorded while we were all still there, and it's excellent to hear that unique Newfie accent again!!

Here is the segment at NPR. You'll need a RealAudio player to listen to it.

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Bob's Story Posted
Posted on: 2001-10-04 17:57:31 (read: 723 times)
Day by dayBob Smith sent me his account of our week, along with some pictures (which are also in the gallery). You can read it at Bob's Story under the Home Page in the menu on the left.

If anyone else has a story or article that they feel is too long to post as an item, or if anyone would like to send their own account of the week - please email me at craig@ua929.org.

If you've any questions - or the story sparks any memories for you - feel free to comment to this item...

Thanks, Bob!

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Another account of being stranded in Gander
Posted on: 2001-10-01 15:30:30 (read: 1184 times)
Day by day Iain Campbell writes:-
I was forwarded the email below from one of the flight crew of a Delta flight grounded in Gander. I think it is an interesting perspective if you would like to add it to the UA929 web site.

Not only interesting for the story but also for the fact that it highlights again what a wonderful crew we had on UA929 -- our Captain did not lie to his passengers about the reason for our unscheduled landing; our Captain succeeded in raising BBC World Radio soon after arrival and piped it into the audio system so none of us were in the dark concerning the gravity of events back in the US; our crew took the time and effort to come and visit their passengers in Gambo and brief them on the current situation; our crew bonded with their passengers and became our first name friends. Our crew did a whole lot more for many of us individually.

I repeat again the call to write letters to United Cutomer relations in support of our extraordinary crew who went beyond the call of duty-unlike the Continental Airlines crew!

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Posted on: 2001-09-25 23:00:43 (read: 910 times)
Day by dayMonty writes: "A special moment at the general office (which proves that it became time to leave)...

The last few days the phones in the office were reserved for incoming calls and emergencies (e.g. the call that would announce our departure!). So I kindly asked someone to leave "our" office and use one of the other telephones. She turned out to be part of the SA, doing some work in the office... Ooops. :-)"

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